Stationary Bike For Weight Lose

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Exercise Stationary Bike with Digital Monitor and 22 LB Chromed Flywheel Stationary Bike For Weight Lose

Buyer Guide

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Exercise Stationary Bike with Digital Monitor and 22 LB Chromed Flywheel Exercise Bikes Benefits

  • ERGONOMIC SEATING: This bike ergonomically designed for optimum comfort and ease. Comes with a padded seat that can be adjusted 4 ways.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable seat offers user comfort and stability (Seat inseam height Min 26 / Max 32 in). Simply twist the knob to add or remove resistance.
  • TRACK YOUR FITNESS: Keep track of your performance and monitor your progress. The LCD monitor tracks your time, speed, distance and calories burned.
  • FLYWHEEL AND DRIVE: The 22 lb flywheel offers high inertia and resistance allowing you to have precise control over your riding session. Chain drive mechanism provides a smooth and sturdy ride.
  • COMFORT: Rubber foam paddle handle bars extend the duration of your workout. Toe clip pedals with straps will prevent feet from slipping. Max user weight limit 220 lb.
  • Stationary Bike For Weight Lose

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