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Mobo Board Balance Board Workout

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  • Your run, discipline, courtroom, snow, surf, and bike efficiency are all dependent in your connection level to the bottom. When you donâ€t practice your ft, you might be lacking that connection and lacking efficiency.
  • MOBO is an revolutionary stability board that immediately targets and improved stability and proprioception in your ft. As a result of higher management INSIDE your ft helps you play more durable OUTSIDE.
  • By means of its Toe Field Expertise and Anatomical Axis, MOBO works with the structure of your foot and builds a secure arch for higher management.
  • We donâ€t simply assist ft – we assist folks. MOBO is design to sync your foot together with your hips and core above to make sure you can steer your leg straight for sturdiness and create drive for sports activities efficiency.

    Balance Board Workouts

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