FitPAWS Blue Balance Disc 56 cm

FitPAWS Blue Balance Disc 56 cm Balance Board Workout

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  • Basic Health
  • 14 (13.5 cm) Steadiness Platform
  • 2 Floor Textures-Ribbed/BumpsSpecifications
  • Shade: Blue
  • Measurement: 22 in.

Altering the extent of air within the cushion will encourage your canine to have interaction completely different muscle tissue to take care of stability The micromovements created within the physique from the act of balancing will strengthen the core and limbs Steadiness Disc is available in 2 sizes 14 355 cm and 22 558 cm Coaching DVD Included Options. Basic Health. 14 135 cm Steadiness Platform. 2 Floor TexturesRibbedBumpsSpecifications. Shade Blue. Measurement 22 in


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