Balance Board Workout

Bosu Balance PODS Balance Board Workout

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  • Use the 6-Inch, soft-grip BOSU Pods on their very own, with weights or swiss balls, or with the BOSU Stability Coach
  • Up your exercise by including these for an extra problem when doing pushups, yoga, squats, planks or any body-weight train.
  • Use flat facet down or flat dimension up, or maintain in fingers to have interaction extra muscular tissues whereas exercising
  • 2 pack consists of 2 blue pods. Made within the USA.
  • Every pod weighs 1 pound. Non-slip floor for higher gripping. Textured backside prevents slipping.

    Balance Board Workouts

    Core Activating LevelBOSU PRO Balance Inflatable Balance BoardMERRITHEW Rotational DiskInflated Air Stability
    Pono Board - Core Activating Level Motion Balance Board for Standing Desks and ExerciseBOSU PRO Balance TrainerInflatable Balance Board for Surf TrainingSTOTT PILATES MERRITHEW Rotational DiskInflated Air Stability Wobble Cushion
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