Athletic Running Belt Keep Your Cell Phone Money and Key Safe Have a Hands-Free Workout. Men and Women Slim Light Weighted Waist Band Jogging

Athletic Running Belt Keep Your Cell Phone Money and Key Safe Have a Hands-Free Workout. Men and Women Slim Light Weighted Waist Band Jogging, Hiking, Fitness and Sports Pouches with Pocket and Zipper

Buyer Guide

  • ð GIFT Packing – RUN OR WORKOUT IN COMFORT! THE RUNNING BELT WILL NOT SLIP OR BOUNCE: Made with Nylon and Spandex, it’s adjustable to fit both men and women or youngsters. The straps can be adjusted from Small to a Medium- for one variation OR from Large to XX-Large for another variation. Most belts move and bounce distracting you during a workout, but not TIFTAF’s. It will hold snuggly and stay in place when hunting, fishing, jogging, cycling, walk, training and hiking
  • ð NEVER LET RAIN OR COLD WINTER CONDITIONS STOP YOUR EXERCISE, TIFTAF’S RUNNING BELT WONâ€T LET YOUR GEAR GET WET. Keep your iPhone or android safe in the waterproof zipper pocket. The Running Beltâ€s water and sweat proof pouch closes with a high quality zipper to keep your cell phone and other gear dry. Hit the trail or road in any weather. Backpacks are large and heavy, but the Running Belt is a small and light holder for all your athletic needs. Take it along to your runs for maximum comfort
  • ð DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING TO FIT YOUR SMARTPHONE INTO ANNOYING ARMBANDS, TIFTAF GIVES YOU STORAGE FOR YOUR PHONE, KEYS & MONEY. You wonâ€t lose a thing once you have the belt with the special key clip! Accessing your phone or other gear is easy with the zipper pouch in the running belt. Itâ€s so convenient and fashionable youâ€ll want to use it when you travel, leaving your backpack at home! Whether you hit the trails or the gym, the Running Belt is accessory for all your sports activities
  • ð NEVER BUY ANOTHER WAISTBAND AGAIN! THE DURABLE WATERPROOF BLACK NYLON AND SPANDEX IS MADE TO LAST: TIFTAF only uses the highest quality materials for its products making sure your running belt will stay durable and strong for years. Made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex with a special water-proof coating, the material wonâ€t wear out. Even extreme sweat and rain are no match for the Running Beltâ€s high quality! Plus itâ€s easy to care for; the rubber belt and strong buckle work both wet and dry
  • ð BUY WITH CONFIDENCE WITH TIFTATâ€S 30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Other pack type pouches may be disappointing, but the TIFTAF Running Belt wonâ€t wear out and will last for a long time! The high quality Running Belt comes with a 30 day money-back, satisfaction guarantee. Any runner and biker would love the belt and you will too! Suitable for use by adult men and women; it may even be worn by a child. Donâ€t wait, get yours today, or get it for your loved ones as a useful gift!


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