Body-Solid Endurance TF3i Folding Treadmill

Body-Solid Endurance TF3i Folding Treadmill Review

How to Train using your Stairs : Use the stairs to exercise

Try the stairs on the stairs. In addition to cardio exercises, you can also do some strength training exercises using stairs. Working with your back and back muscles is very easy on the scale. Lung is a simple exercise to fit the scale. The lungs actually work the legs and back muscles without adding scales, so scaling will actually increase the intensity.

Create a trick. Walking or running down the stairs is a bit stressful for your legs, back, heart and lungs. If you want a good workout, you also need to do upper body work. Due to the high royal height, you can also change the back of the arm and triceps. To get started, go up the stairs. Place your hands on the second or third stairs with your fingers off the stairs. Take the stairs corner for this exercise and keep your shoulders down.

Use the stairs to do pushups. Like triceps, you can also use stairs to do pushups. Muscles, chest muscles and muscles work. Start by looking at your stairs and hands in the first or second step. Keep your feet straight behind you so that you are almost in position like a board. The higher the scale you use to get your hands on, the easier the exercise will be.

Try to climb the side steps. Similar to the lungs, the side steps help stairs strengthen the legs, but more specifically the inner and outer muscles.

Enter the calf raised. This exercise can really blow up your calves. Gastrocnemius works, which is probably what you think of when you think of calf muscles. Start standing at the edge of the stairs. Only about the first quarter of each foot can be on the stairs; the heel should be hung from the side.