Avari A450-261 Adjustable Height Treadmill

Avari A450-261 Adjustable Height Treadmill Review

How to Train using your Stairs

If you want to improve your regular fitness routine, you need to use the stairs to exercise. Aside from the usual StairMaster you find at your gym, a regular staircase at your home or apartment can be a great way to exercise. You can do cardio and strength training exercises that can burn calories and keep you healthy. First, check your fitness to determine if training stairs is right for you, and be careful when in doubt - stairs or steps can be serious. Once you've decided on your kick training, find a ladder you can use and share some exercises in your regular fitness program.

Cardio training on the stairs

Stairs walking or jogging. If you have to climb many stairs, you know that climbing stairs is a serious exercise. It helps your heart pump and breathes faster. That's why it's great for cardio. If possible, try to find a long staircase. This way, you can go up and down the stairs for a few minutes, not just flying up and down.

Try kicking the sprint. If you are in good shape, you can do more challenging and challenging cardio exercises on the steps. Again, this is a great form of cardio that will make your heart faster. Avoid walking two steps at a time while sprinting, unless you feel very comfortable and secure. Also, avoid this exercise if you have knee problems.

Make a hop and jump. If you don't want to go down the stairs, or if you have short distances or stairs, try to jump or jump up the stairs. This is a plyometric exercise where your heart pump is like a good cardio. Keep the stairs deep and uneven, meaning your entire foot will fit in the steps. You want your feet on the ground flat on the stairs and not on the sides.

Practice your own interval training. You may not be able to do many kicking exercises, especially cardio exercises, for 30 or 45 minutes at a time. However, if you combine several different cardio exercises, you can complete one exercise. Also add jumps and jumps in between to beat your heart faster. Then start walking or jogging for a few minutes.