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Intrepid i300 Treadmill Review

How to Shop Online Safely : Be safe

Plastic is the preferred payment method when shopping online. But remember, the credit card number is static. If you close and reopen your account, it will not be changed. If your credit card information is online, if the wrong information is leaked, it may be destroyed.

Online shoppers can take steps to reduce risk. The most important thing is to make sure that all online shopping is done only on secure sites. To verify that the current page is safe, look for a small lock icon, usually in the upper right corner of the browser's URL bar. You can also check if the site looking for "s" by URL address is safe. Unsafe sites and pages start with http://, but secure sites start with https://.

Some web browsers can generate larger certificate windows, making them easier to read and allowing users to check site information more closely. For example, if you try to validate a purchase using Circuit City's secure web page, but the site name on the page certificate does not match, you will receive a notification about the Circuit City issue.