Bowflex Treadclimber - TC10

Bowflex Treadclimber - TC10 Review

How to Do Skull Crushers : Use these tips to make the skull crusher more effective

Keep your hands steady. With this exercise, you may also be tempted to move your hand. However, this allows the shoulders to support part of the load. Since the purpose of this exercise is primarily to exercise triceps, try to keep your hands off it. You can do it!

Shoot the elbows. You may also be tempted to remove your elbows from your body, which reduces traction. Make sure your elbows are tight so that your triceps work best.

Try to keep your arms perpendicular to the floor, not your body. Gravity is your partner for this exercise. Gravity is what makes it difficult to lift weights. However, if you are on the bench, you may want to keep your arms perpendicular to your body. Always make sure your arms are perpendicular to the floor.

Don't go vertically. If you stretch your arms out completely, you might get some rest, which is good, but triceps don't work very often. However, if you stop, you will continue to press your hands, which will help them work harder.