Landice M1 Folding Treadmill for The Home

Landice M1 Folding Treadmill for The Home Review

Exercise can provide excellent cardiovascular (aerobic) training if used properly. If you have a back injury or need support, you may prefer a repetitive bike. If you are looking for intensive training and you do not have problems with the spine, it is better to use the right bike to work with the heart, and sometimes to get up. Use interval training to maximize your training effectiveness and combine it with other exercises to achieve the most balanced routine.

Cardio Workout on Exercise Bikes : Exercise on a stationary bike

Throw yourself. If you have new equipment, you can jump and beat your heart; If you choose this path, you'll end quickly. Use FITT (frequency, intensity, duration, type of exercise) to determine how many exercises you need to start. If you have to start with a shorter diet, that's fine! If you don't run long enough, 10 minutes may be enough to start. Just improve your time - try leaving the bike five minutes a week.

Resistance and speed are different. Bike settings can change as often as you like during training. In general, you should start with a lower gear with less resistance and increase your effort by getting used to cycling. Switch difficulty levels for more intensive interval training. Your bike may have low, medium and high resistance. Resistance recreates cornering and gives the impression of climbing a hill. Start with low immunity and use simple and high settings as your muscles grow. When you know all the parameters, do exercises at medium to low intervals with high resistance.

Carefully divert attention. Listening to your favorite music can often help you exercise, improving your mood, but other forms of media can slow you down. Watching plays, lectures and subtitles can slow down the pace and affect your posture.